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Our Community

Starts With US!

How we got started...... A few women from Aurora, Colorado came together and bought food, gathered gently used clothes and shoes, and collected much needed hygiene products and handed them out to people in need. 

Make It Happen

March Give Back

We collected clothes, shoes, hygiene products and other much needed items. For 4 weekends straight we handed out these items near the  Denver Rescue Mission in Denver, CO

BBQ Donations Drive

We celebrated with good food, music, games and a raffle as we brought family and friends together to help donate funds to supply food and drinks to the homeless community. 


Pizza Party For The Homeless

We sponsored a huge pizza party near The Denver Rescue Mission. Supplying over 50 pizza from various locations. We also had music and drinks! It was truly a party!!

2021 We want to

Help end 

Make It Happen October Give Back

We made it our priority to collect much needed winter items including boots, socks, hats and blankets. Thanks to the community we were able to supply warm clothes for over 100 people




TINY HOME 2.jpeg

Buseful Bkind Organization is committing to a project where we help small families, single parents, and single individuals with....

  • Housing

    • Creating a plan where we can house 100-200 units of tiny homes that will be fully furnished with all necessary furniture to feel secure and optimistic about your future.

    • We want to do the best we can to assist families and individuals to get off the streets and live comfortable with shelter that gives you privacy and keeps your valuables safe and protected.

    • Housing will come with working clean water, electricity, and other needed functions to provide a confident start to a new beginning.

  • Financial Literacy

    • Financial stability is a lead way to stay focused and stay on the right track with maintaining a household

    • We want to assist with education on learning how to save a percentage of your income in case of emergencies

    • We also want to assist with teaching you how to pay your bills and setting up plans/goals so you never miss payments or fall behind.

    • Creating budgets and maintaining responsibility when it comes to your finances. 

  • Job Resources

    • Keeping a job or stable income is necessary to maintain a household. ​

    • We are committed to finding employers that are hiring, matching jobs with your skills, helping with resumes, showing you how to interview, and making sure you find something you enjoy and can see a long-term future.

    • Were all about elevation and want to find a great fit that helps you build your skills and move from entry level to management. 

  • Credit Repair

    • Maintaining credit is possible if you understand how credit works. We want to give you all the tools to raise your credit score and apply for varies amounts of credit to keep a positive credit history. ​

    • We will provide credit repair specialists and other opportunities to help educate on the importance of debt to income ratios


    • We know the pressure of maintaining responsibility especially when it comes to just living every day life. We are committed to finding experts who can heal and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. This is your new begining and we want you to have the best mental stability to keep striving and continue elevating to your full potential. 

Interested in Partnerships?

Interested in linking up for future events, donations drive, fundraisers or any other projects related to our organization please contact us! We enjoy working with other organizations, businesses and individuals.

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